Meet the team

Team members

Aashish Ghimire Aashish Ghimire, Founder and CEO A doctoral candidate in AI/ML at Utah State University with over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. Aashish is the visionary behind Data and Decisions, leading the company towards the forefront of data-driven solutions.
Ben Wright Ben Wright, CFO, Business Development Holding an MS in Applied Technology and hailing from Dallas, Texas, Ben brings his extensive business consulting experience to the team. His strategic and financial acumen help steer the company towards sustainable growth.
Rita Ghimire Rita Ghimire, Data and Solutions Analyst With a solid foundation in the banking sector and a master’s degree in Information Technology, Rita brings her data analytics prowess to our team. Known as a SQL and Python ninja, she plays a critical role in creating and optimizing data solutions.
Samantha Lopez Samantha Lopez, Data Scientist, Developer Samantha’s knack for algorithms and machine learning models, coupled with her prowess in multiple programming languages, makes her a formidable force in the field of data science. She is instrumental in building robust, data-driven applications for our clients.
Jay Smith Jay Smith, Data Scientist, Tech Ninja Jay’s dedication to unraveling data mysteries and his ability to swiftly adapt to new tech trends have earned him the title of our ‘Tech Ninja’. With a vast repertoire of skills in data science, he’s instrumental in turning complex data into actionable insights.
Marcus Harris Marcus Harris, Data Engineer Marcus’ expertise lies in the realms of data infrastructure and pipeline design. As a data engineer, he ensures seamless data collection, processing, and storage. His contribution is key to making data readily accessible and usable for our data scientists.